Why give £2 – A small sum can make a big difference

I bought a pair of trainers online at the beginning of January 2021. Due to the new regulations (Brexit) they got stuck in Customs. During the same time when I ordered the trainers, I also gave to the church’s Phase 2 Building project. I gave £70, and the trainers cost £72.

Two weeks later, I had still not received the trainers. As I attended a prayer meeting on zoom with the church, I sensed during the meeting God saying to me to give an extra £2 to the Phase 2 Building Project, so that the giving was the same as the cost of the trainers, and they will be released from Customs. In faith, I immediately during the prayer meeting logged in to the bank and transferred £2 extra. A week later I contacted the seller, as I had not received the trainers or heard anything. The seller apologised for the delay, and they agreed to give me a full refund of the trainers, and they also said they will do their best to get the trainers sent to me for me to keep. This sounded like an excellent deal, but a bit unbelievable actually.

One week later the seller informed me that the trainers had been returned to their depot. I was a bit disappointed at this point, although I had received my refund, and I thought to myself “That’s it, but fair enough – I have had my refund.”

Three days later I received a notification that I will receive a parcel, didn’t really know what this was about. Opened up the parcel and the seller had dispatched the trainers again. I received these trainers free of charge after 1 month!

God did release the trainers from Customs, but not in the way I expected! I received more – as I also received them free of charge! The trainers fitted perfectly too!

This has reminded me how rewarding it can be to act on God’s small prompts (and our treasurer now knows why I transferred a small sum of £2)!