Room Bookings

Take this opportunity to book one of our rooms in The Oak Tree Centre.  The whole building has access to free Wi-Fi.

These rooms are particularly suitable for parties, business meetings, classes/groups, training rooms and various private functions.

Room Dimensions

Wilberforce Hall: 10.5m x 12m (126m²). Click to view the Wilberforce Hall
Room 1: Carey Room  3.3m x 4.1m (13.5m²) – carpeted.  Click to view the Carey Room
Room 3: Müller Room 3.3m x 4.1m (13.5m²) – carpeted. Click to view the Müller Room
Room 2: Graham Room 3.3m x 4.1m (13.5m²) – wash clean marmoleum floor.
Room 4: Pullinger Room 3.3m x 4.1m (13.5m²) – wash clean marmoleum floor. Click to view the Graham/Pullinger Room.

Please note:  Rooms 2 & 4 can be booked as a double room only: 6.6m x 4.1m (27m²).  Rooms 1 & 3 can be booked as either two separate rooms or as a double room 6.6m x 4.1m (27m²).

The Hall and Müller Room are provided with a data projector attached to the ceiling.  Unlimited chairs and tables are available.

To make a reservation or for more information, please contact Rachel Nicholson, the Oak Tree Centre Administrator at or call on 01908 410840.

Oak Tree Centre Lettings Policy


1. Encouraging the use of Premises

SCF want to see the premises utilised in a way that advances the Church’s work within the community of western Milton Keynes, through church activities, church-sponsored activities and suitable community activities which help to build bridges between SCF and the local community. We have the right not to accept bookings for activities that are in conflict with the Christian faith and the SCF’s vision, values and theology, or will prevent our regular activities from functioning in full.

2. Charging Policy

A 50% holding deposit will secure the booking, the balance of the hire fee must be paid at least 7 days before the hire date to secure the use of the premises as outlined.   Payment will be accepted by cash, bank transfer or card payment.

One-off events – A refundable cash or card Security deposit is required for booking an event held in the Wilberforce Hall and meeting rooms. This is taken at least 48 hours before the event. On inspection after the event, this deposit is fully refundable by the following Monday, providing:

  • There are no damages to the property or equipment
  • The room is left clean and tidy as it was found
  • The hirer does not run over time

NB If our cleaning service is requested: any leftover food must be taken away in your own refuse bags. Any excess spillages need to be wiped up to avoid damage to the floor. The building needs to be left in a condition that’s ready for cleaning without excessive debris.

This refundable deposit is required at least 48 hours before the event hire
Wilberforce Hall: £200         Meeting Rooms: £100

If there is any damage, or if the hirer overruns, this amount will be held until the following working day when the issue or damage is discussed and deducted from the security deposit.

Cancellation Policy

  • If the booking is cancelled 60 days or more before the hire date, any payments are fully refundable.
  • If the booking is cancelled 30 days before the hire date, 50% of the deposit is refundable
  • If the booking is cancelled 14 days before the hire date, the full amount is non-refundable, only the Cash Security Deposit (if applicable) will be refunded in full.


Bookings may be made up to one year in advance, however, advance bookings will be provisional and only guaranteed for up to 4 months before the event.
The Oak Tree Centre reserves the right to cancel or change any bookings, 4 months in advance, if there are unforeseen circumstances where there is an urgent appeal for the venue for a Shenley Christian Fellowship/Church-related event.
This will only happen after due consultation with the hirer.  Any deposits paid will be refunded in full.
In the unlikely event of such a case, all measures will be taken to find a suitable alternative date, which will be offered at a reduced rate of 75% of the full rate.

 2.1 Fees Policy

The table below sets out the fees policy for the hiring of the Wilberforce Hall and Meeting rooms, as agreed by the Oak Tree Centre. All fees charged for lettings must be in direct accordance with this schedule and policy statement.

Wilberforce Hall
(per hour)
One Off
Wilberforce Hall
(per hour)
Meeting Rooms
(per hour)
One Off
Meeting Rooms
(per hour)
Monday to Friday£37£27£20£20
Saturday*£55No regular bookings£22No regular bookings
Saturday SlotsWhole BuildingWilberforce HallOther Meeting Room
9:00am - 1:00pm£300£180£80
1:30pm - 5:30pm£300£180£80
No events after 6pm

One-Off Bookings – A 50% holding deposit to be paid upfront, to secure the booking.

Regular weekly bookings for less than 1 month

  • The total booking fee must be paid in full at least 7 days before the booking period.

Regular weekly bookings for more than 1 month

  • One month’s booking fee must be paid in full at least 7 days before the booking period.
  • This acts as a holding deposit and secures your booking/date/time.

3. Kitchen use / Refreshments

Use of the commercial kitchen is not permitted. Tea/Coffee/refreshments may be brought in by the hirer. Hot water pump dispensers can be supplied free of charge. Cold buffet food platters are available from third party recommended caterers, please inquire at the time of booking enquiry.

4. Behaviour

As a church, we seek to be open and welcoming to the community around us and welcome all users who respect SCF’s values and vision of reaching out to the community.
Out of respect to other users and our neighbours, we expect all users to conduct themselves in a reasonable and courteous manner whilst on the premises.
We request that hirers leave the rooms in a clean and tidy state following their activity, ensuring that tables and chairs are neatly stacked or put away as appropriate.

Where the premises are to be used for a regular activity with children present, the user agrees to comply with the policy and guidelines set out in the document ’Safe to Grow’.

Keyholders: an appropriate phone number must be added to the key-fob in case of loss. NB The name of the church must NOT be written on the fob.

5. Car Park

The church car park may normally be used by those hiring the premises.  However please note the following:

a) The car park is offered on a first come first served basis
b) Restrictions may apply for certain events when multiple activities are functioning at the same time without a reduction in the fee.
c) Street parking in the vicinity of the church is not permitted in respect of the local neighbours.
d) Parking is strictly at the owner’s risk. The Church can accept no liability whatsoever for cars parked in its car park or on the streets.

 6. Health and Safety 

Whilst SCF will take steps to ensure the premises are safe to use, it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure suitable first aid cover and that the SCF Health and Safety Policy Document is fully understood.

Use of smoke machines, candles and burners is strictly prohibited.

7. Cleaning after your event

It is your responsibility to clean up after your event and leave the room in a clean and tidy state. All rubbish must be removed from the premises in your own refuse bags.
Floors, tables, counters, café and servery area. Broom is available to use.

We do have a cleaning service available for £50, payable 48 hours before the event. If this service is used, all the cleaning will be undertaken, including the hall, tables, café lounge and toilet areas. Any smaller rubbish and non-food items will be cleared. However, you will be responsible to clear away and remove any leftover food, in your own refuse bags. If any excess spillages are incurred we request this is cleaned to avoid any floor damage. If using our cleaning service we ask that you stack the chairs, to respect the building and leave it in a reasonable condition ready for the cleaner to start.


1. Register of Bookings

All bookings must be completed on the Oak Tree Centre Lettings Application Form. Provisional bookings (applications) will not be confirmed until receipt of all lettings paperwork and deposit monies are cleared.

2. Receipt of Enquiries / Applications and Approval of Bookings

The Oak Tree Centre Manager will check that:

a) The activity is consistent with the conditions set out in this document
b) The required rooms are available for the requested time
c) The activity will not interfere with any other activity in progress at the same time, or prevent any normal regular church activities taking place
d) Any further details required in the case of a new enquirer are obtained
e) Any changes to an existing booking still meet the same criteria. A new form should be completed by an existing hirer at least once a year in order to continue a regular booking
f) A responsible person appointed by the Manager is available to provide appropriate access and be in attendance for any Health and Safety, Fire and Security actions that may arise
g) Check that the request conforms to the SCF Lettings Policy
h) Once the checks have been made, the appropriate lettings application form will be issued
i) On receipt of the necessary form, Insurance policy etc the booking can be confirmed
j) If a key is issued, an appropriate phone number must be added to the key fob in case of loss. NB The name of the church must NOT be written on the fob.

3. Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

The Senior Church Leader (SCL) is to be consulted before confirming a booking for a baptism, wedding or funeral.
Any special arrangements for the service e.g. music, PA and AV support, access for flower arrangements or rehearsals are all to be agreed upon with the SCF and Oak Tree Centre Administrator.
In all cases where there is any doubt about meeting the above criteria or requests for a multiple/regular booking, the request is to be referred to the SCF Leadership.

4. Requests for additional Room Facilities

4.1 Room set-up

Bookings must clearly indicate the number of tables and chairs that will be required. Moving of chairs and tables between rooms is to be avoided wherever possible and when necessary must be agreed with the Oak Tree Centre Manager. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to set out the room to their requirements and clear away on completion. When agreeing on start and finish times for a letting, adequate time must be allowed for setting up and clearing away to be undertaken, without interference with other activities or the subsequent Hirer.

 4.2 PA and or AV

The PA system is not available to hire.
Conferences held during the week may request the use of the PA equipment, at the Oak Tree Centre Administrator’s discretion.
Fees are listed separately.

4.3 Vacating the centre after your event

As the Oak Tree Centre is located in a residential area, please respect our neighbours. It is essential that you vacate the centre in a considerate, quiet manner. Any period exceeding the agreed exit time will result in additional charges and will be deducted from the security deposit.

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