Training & Learning

Being a Christian means becoming a disciple and that requires learning.  We organise plenty of opportunities for Christians to grow and develop in their faith.  Especially important are our three home-grown courses that help new Christians to get established in their faith and then to become equipped and active Christians.  We often use these courses to prepare people for baptism and to become church members.  You can do these courses on your own – with a one to one helper providing assistance, or as part of a group, if enough people want to do it at the same time.

An additional resource you may find useful is: Getting the Best out of Bible Reading (written by Mike Jobling).

If you would like to do one of these courses, please contact Mike Jobling at

Rooted and Grounded (R&G)

Rooted and Grounded will help you get going in the Christian Life if you have just become a Christian.  It forms a good introduction if you want to know more.  It covers similar material to the Alpha course, but in more depth.

Keys to the Kingdom 

This is a short course for people considering baptism.  It overlaps with Rooted and Grounded and assumes you have already covered the course material from Weeks 1 – 4 within the Rooted and Grounded course.

Kingdom Life

If you are already an established Christian but are thinking of joining Shenley Christian Fellowship, the Kingdom Life course is highly recommended.  This 6 week course will help you to understand the kind of church Shenley Christian Fellowship aspires to be, and what being a member involves.

From time to time we also run other courses, in particular the well-known Alpha course and the Freedom in Christ course.  When we run these courses, details will be advertised in our services and in the Courses section on this website.