Restored Lives

This 8 week course will hopefully commence in the Autumn 2020 - date to be confirmed.  It is run by ...
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The Church Course

Why is Jesus creating His church?  What’s it for?  What does it do?  Why are there so many different churches?  ...
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Marriage Matters

Marriage is a wonderful thing, created by God and enjoyed by so many people.  But marriages take time and effort ...
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Freed to Lead

Freed to Lead is a new, 10 week course, produced by Freedom In Christ Ministries. All leaders want to be ...
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The Firestarters series is a 12 week course that will equip, empower, and activate you in a Kingdom revival lifestyle so that you ...
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The Bible Course

What is the Bible Course?  Whether you’re just looking into the Christian faith or a long way in, the course provides ...
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