Praise God for His healing!

I noticed last week that one of my skin tags on my neck seemed darker, and had changed shape. During the weekend I was sat out in the sun a bit, so I started to use sunscreen on my face and neck. On the Monday morning, the skin tag felt harder, looked very black and was a strange shape, so I decided I needed to call the GP to get some advice about it. I felt also that I needed to pray that the skin tag would fall off, which I did.

I managed to get a face to face appointment with my GP for Wednesday, but on Monday afternoon, I was topping up with sunscreen on my neck, and what happened? The skin tag feel off! The skin underneath looked clear and healthy, so I cancelled the GP appointment as I felt it was no longer needed. Praise God for His healing and answer to prayers! I’m also really thankful for the prompting of direction in prayer.