Never give up on praying

Everyone knows my mum Dorothy and how I used to bring her to church in her wheelchair. Lately, she has not been so good with her arthritis etc. She was admitted to hospital in November of last year as she caught Covid – only mildly, thank the Lord. She was transferred to a Covid unit at Castlemead in Newport Pagnell, where she spent Christmas. She was then transferred to Waterhall in Bletchley for rehabilitation and not much happened there. She was then returned to Kilkenny her original home, where she was bedbound.

As sheltered accommodation with care, Kilkenny couldn’t meet my mum’s needs, although they did their best in the situation, I would add. My mum was assigned a new social worker who they emailed, and so did the Willen nurse who visited her yesterday and I was trying to get hold of her too. The good news I am praising God for is I had a phone call from my mum’s old social worker, who has been reassigned to her case and who immediately emailed Kilkenny asking for a video call with her to get the ball rolling! I feel happier knowing this social worker, who had been with mum and knows her story etc. My mum has also since been moved to a place that’s better able to meet her needs.

Never give up on praying, God is faithful! I also this week went back to my journaling, spending time with Him and adding to my Facebook page: “Wendy’s Written Words” to inspire people. Thank you, Jesus.