How can I give to SCF?

You can contribute to the life and work of the church in many different ways. While the information below relates to financial giving, other pages on this site explain the variety of ways you can get involved and contribute to SCF’s many ministries.

You can make a one-time or recurring gift from this site. Clicking on the Donate buttons below will take you the PayPal site, where you can give using your debit card or credit card, or using your PayPal account, if you have one.

Give to The Oak Tree Centre

You can choose to specifically support The Oak Tree Centre, the building that is the home for our church and is used for our events, as well as being a resource to serve the local community.

You can make a one-time or recurring gift to The Oak Tree Centre from this site using the Donate button below.

Give to SCF in general

You can also choose to support the ongoing activities of SCF in general. This includes administration of the church, outreach in the local community and mission support to various initiatives in the UK and around the world.

You can make a one-time or recurring gift to SCF’s General Fund from this site using the Donate button below.

Give Regularly

By giving regularly you can help SCF manage its finances and plan its outreach and mission activities better:

  • You can set up a standing order with your bank and if you would like details on how to set this up, please contact the Church Administrator at
  • You can also enquire whether your employer has a Payroll Giving Scheme. ‘Give As You Earn’ (GAYE), your Human Resources department can provide details on this. For higher rate tax payers then please also see the section below under ‘tax-efficient giving’.

Other ways to give

There are other ways you can give to SCF:

  • A regular offering is taken at all our Sunday services.
  • If you would like to send us a cheque or a giving voucher, please make it payable to ‘Shenley Christian Fellowship’ and send to the Church Administrator at:  Shenley Christian Fellowship, The Oak Tree Centre, Wallinger Drive, Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes MK5 7GZ.
  • You can give in the form of quoted shares and other securities (which entitles you to tax relief).

Tax-efficient giving

If you are a UK tax payer (Income or Capital Gains Tax) and would like us to be able to claim back the basic rate tax through the government’s gift aid scheme, you will need to fill in, sign and return to us an ongoing Gift Aid declaration if you have not done so already.

The benefit to SCF is that it can recover the basic rate of income tax, currently 25p for each pound given at no extra cost to you.

If you are a UK higher rate (40 per cent) or additional rate (45 per cent) income tax payer and you give to SCF directly and allow us to reclaim the basic rate tax through Gift Aid then you may recover, through your tax return, the difference between the basic rate tax that SCF recovers and the higher or additional rate that you have paid.

If your employer has a Give as You Earn scheme and you give via Payroll Giving then, because you are giving ‘pre-tax’, you are able to pass on the full benefit of your tax to SCF immediately. Please speak with your employer’s Human Resource Department for more details.

Matched Funding

If your employer runs a matched funding scheme, your donation to SCF could be as much as doubled, at no extra cost to you.  Contact your HR team for details.

Give As You Live

Register with Give As You Live and they will donate to SCF every time you shop online at your favourite stores.  Importantly, their donation to SCF comes at no cost to you.  So register now and tell all your friends and family about it too.

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