Do you have a testimony to share about what God has done for you?  How He has brought you through difficult times or helped you with an impossible situation?  Perhaps you can share how you came to know the Lord, how the power of God saved you from a disastrous situation or if you’ve experienced an awesome miracle!

Please email your testimonies or life stories to maxine.macdonald@scf-mk.org.uk and we will share them on this page.

Praise God for His healing!

I noticed last week that one of my skin tags on my neck seemed darker, and had changed shape. During ...
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Why give £2 – A small sum can make a big difference

I bought a pair of trainers online at the beginning of January 2021. Due to the new regulations (Brexit) they ...
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Seeking reassurance

While in hospital waiting for my hip replacement just before Christmas, the anaesthetist came and said he was going to ...
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Never give up on praying

Everyone knows my mum Dorothy and how I used to bring her to church in her wheelchair. Lately, she has ...
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