Our Vision

Leading people to Jesus through word and action and discipling them to be fully devoted followers.

Our mission

We are here to love God and share His grace with people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.  We want to be a beacon of hope that attracts others to discover Jesus.  We will serve our community, being the hands and feet of Christ to minister to their needs.

Jesus is our centre, inspiring us to live holy lives in which we worship and honour Him.   In all things we seek the presence of the Holy Spirit to heal, refine, equip and empower and we expect to see the signs of His power at work.  With prayer, compassion, and boldness we will serve one another, encouraging discipleship through Bible teaching.

Together we will delight in the fruit of the Spirit and discover the gifts He has given us to use for our blessing and the blessing of others.  We are all on a journey and eagerly embrace the opportunities each day offers to grow a deeper, richer, closer relationship with our heavenly Father.  This will help us to live in faith and unity and experience the fullness of life Christ promises.

Our values

God-CentredWe are a family who want Jesus and the Bible to be at the centre of all we think, say and do.
FamilyWe are a family who will regard each other as brothers and sisters, journeying together and helping one another through the ups and downs of life.
RealWe are a family who lay aside pretence and aspire to be real and honest. We welcome everyone as they are but love them too much to let them stay where they are.
IntentionalWe plan ahead, praying for God to guide us through scripture and prophecy, and to equip us with natural spiritual gifts to achieve the goals He reveals to us.
Servant-HeartedWe are a family who put each other first as Jesus demonstrates to us. Together, He sends us to bring His message, show His love and demonstrate His power in our local, national and global communities.
HonouringWe are a family who look for and affirm the unique good that God our Creator has put in each culture and each individual person.
EmpoweringWe are a family who aim to help each other to become more like Jesus and more like who God has created us to be.