Mission Support

We support mission activity around the world as well as in Milton Keynes.  We aim to give about 12% of our annual budget to benefit activities in Britain and around the world that either help those who are in need, or to promote the good news about Jesus and God’s offer of forgiveness and new life.  We also support these organisations with prayer and in other ways, where we can.

The organisations and projects we currently support include:

Baptist Home Mission
The Baptist Union Home Mission Fund supports outreach work within the UK and gives grants to churches and other organisations to support the work of God’s kingdom.

Bridgebuilder Trust
Bridgebuilder supports school workers who take assemblies and RE lessons within schools in and around Milton Keynes and support school Christian Unions.

Christian Camping International (CCI)
Based in Milton Keynes, CCI encourages and supports a wide variety of initiatives to provide Christian summer holiday activities for children and young people.

MK Money Lifeline
This charity provides free and confidential help and advice on money and debt-related matters, to any person who requires it.  Budgeting advice and help with money management are also offered.  All MK Money Lifeline volunteer debt advisors undergo training to be generalist money advisors.  We are a member of Community Money Advice and an affiliate member of AdviceUK.

Scripture Union (Worker: Vera Zhuravleva)
Vera is the Director of Scripture Union in Russia and is based in St. Petersburg.  She supervises Scripture Union work in Russia, including work among street children in St Petersburg and establishing a centre for summer camps.  A group of men from SCF went over to Russia in 2005 to do plumbing, electrical and decorating work at the centre.

Scripture Union (Worker: Natalia Luptakova)
Based in Bratislava, Natalia is the National Co-ordinator for Scripture Union work in Slovakia.  People from SCF have visited her and helped with summer camps.