“… Living alone all the time, I know how important it is to me.”
“… it has become a lifeline for me.”
“…the Drop-in has helped me to make friends & I look forward to seeing people.”
(Attendees of the Monday Drop-in session)

“I’ve been attending Acorns since April 2009, first with my 1st born son as a
newborn and then with the second child at both the baby group and the toddler
group. There is always a warm welcome, great atmosphere and fantastic activities
and staff at every session” (Claire T – attendee of Little Acorns & Acorns Toddler groups)

“I have been bringing my son Alex to one of the Acorns groups since he was a new
born. The groups are a fantastic way to meet other parents and have fun with your
baby. We both enjoy coming – this is a great service to the local community”
(Helen R – attendee of Acorns Toddler group)

“The English Conversation Classes have given me confidence in speaking English.
I think they’re great” (Magdelina – attendee)

“… We have tried many after school clubs and activities but Bugz is the first
one that my son has been happy to stick with and I can see his confidence
and social skills growing. If he’s happy, then I’m happy.”
(Anon – a happy mum with a happy son)

“… I like the Friday club as there’s lots to do” – Sam
“… I like the fact that I attend and how lovely the staff are” – Megan
“ … Great, cos I get to see my friends” – Katelyn
(attendees of the Friday Youth Club)

‘A friend recommended I attend the Sunday worship following a traumatic
experience which left me overwhelmed, broken and unable to cope. I didn’t know
what to expect and quite frankly thought I would be bored. I didn’t see how it would
help, but gave it go anyway and was pleasantly surprised. The people are lovely
and their support has been amazing. I found that if I skipped a week, I really
missed it. Before, I felt very lost and alone, but I am much stronger now and feel
that I am part of God’s family….that I belong’ (Anon)

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